Monday, February 28, 2011

So Pround of myself!!

   I actually made these Red Shorts and embellished them with a sparkle skull and cross bones print.  These were super easy to make and quick as well.  Sadly I didn't have any red thread so I had to use white which is noticeable in the pictures but not on Ethan because he is wearing a long shirt.  I just love these shorts and they seem to be very comfortable.  They are made out of the same material that your t-shirts are made out of.   Comment below and let me know what you think. 
silly boy making faces

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pillowcase Dress--- best stitching yet!

  I made this cute Light Blue with Ladybugs Pillowcase dress the other day and I was really surprised with the way it turned out.  This is a 2/3T pillowcase dress made not from a pillow but basic sewing fabric.  I tweaked my original pattern a little to make the armholes more comfortable and surprisingly easier to make.  I will be making another one with more design and funk.  I may make my next dress in a bigger size so my daughter Abby can actually wear it.  I will post on the next pillowcase dress I make-- taking pictures of step by step directions.

2nd Tee for Ethan!

This tee that I made today was actually a little harder because of the stencil design.  I tried my hand at a more intricate design and did fairly well for the first time.  I love the Bird-- the way it's laid out and the tribal effect it holds is just awesome to me.  I decided to just do a one shaded stencil again (like the Lizard shirt I mead) so I wouldn't mess up my cool birdie!  I liked the way this tee turned out as well but wish I had downsized the stencil a bit, it seems to large for Ethans little 2T shirt. Have you tried your crafty hand at this super easy project yet???  Post a pic of your results.

Tee Shirts for ALL!!

So I finally tried my hand at stenciling and was very impressed. I decided to start with something simple that wouldn't be to complicated-- a Lizard! I made this awesome lizard shirt for my son Ethan, and he loves it. I used a very simple and easy technique when making this pattern for him. It's the Freezer Paper trick. Have you heard of this??

You will need:
  1. Freezer paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Some type of picture (used as your stencil)
  4. Exacto knife
  5. Iron
  6. Fabric paint.
I searched the internet, typing in phrases such as: Lizard outline, Lizard stencil, and so on until I came across the picture I wanted to stencil. I simply printed out the pictures and place the appropriate amount of Freezer paper on top of the printout (Matte side up) and traced the Lizard onto the Freezer paper. I then cut out the Lizard from the freezer paper (make sure you use exacto knife to start your cutting point, this way you are not cutting the surrounding Freezer paper)
Have article of clothing ready and iron preheated to appropriate temp. Iron Freezer paper stencil onto article of clothing until it is adhered to fabric on all edges. I then take my fabric paint and stencil brush and go to town filling in the stencil. *****Always remember to put cardboard between fabric layers so the paint can't seep through and soak in other spots on the fabric/clothing you are working on. Let dry and peel Freezer paper off. (I generally let sit overnight just so I am sure the paint is dry. Be sure to read instuction on Paint to see if your brand needs to be heat set. My does not need to be heat set.