Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not off to s good start.

Ever in a rush to start a project?  Once you get going on it you realize you already SCREWED it up???  This is what I did today.  I started to make a blue jean skirt for my daughter (you know with the fabric panel insert in the front and back).  Anyways I start taking out the seems on the legs of a pair of blue jeans and to my dismay, I was taking the outer seam out instead of the inner leg seam out!!!!  BOO!!!  So I thought ok I can save this and add 4 smaller panels- one in front and back and one on each side.  I get the front panel sewed in and grabbed my rotary tool to do a little trimming, and I am unaware I had the fabric over lapped and when I cut it.............I cut a hole in the panel that I just sewed in!   URGGGGGGGGGGG

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