Monday, February 6, 2012

The Right of Privacy--- Really????

   On my commute taking the kids to school this morning, I turn on the radio.  Facebook, Twitter and something about potentail employers asking for passwords.  What???  IMO since when does your social networking life affect what kind of worker you are??  Ok, ok, I can see your point: some people maybe, but aren't we always told to not judge a book by its cover?  So why judge a person by their social networking comments or pictures. 
   I am not sure I agree with employers being allowed to discriminate against someone for not giving up their passwords for their social networking life.  Ponder this: Why do employers need OUR PASSWORDS?  They can see all the PUBLIC info by visiting our pages (if not set to private) so why the passwords.  I would personally never give my passwords up to anyone-- that is like handing over your social security number to a crook.  Whats your view???  Any concerns/comments on this?

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