Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day + kids = HUGS and KISSES

   So today is Sunday the 12th and Valentines Day is on the 14th.  Have you bought anything yet?  Sadly to say, I haven't.  It coming to a point in my life that I do not know what my children want for any occasion.  Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays and so on.  My 2 oldest daughters (will be 12 and will be 10) are the culprits.  They either want items that are outrageously pricey or they inform me that they "just don't know".  My 2 younger children (7 year old girl and a will be 4 year old son) are still young and will pretty much take anything we get them even if it's a stick out of the front yard!  I badger, beg, plea them to just tell me something they want, but it falls on death ears. 
   So my question is:  What do you usually buy your kiddo's for Valentines Day? 

  • Card and a Chocolate
  • Plush and candy
  • Electronics
  • Toys 
  • Or do you just throw a little gift bag together with different items in it?
   I am really not sure what I will be getting my children this year, but I know one thing they will get:  BIG HUGS and KISSES from their MOMMA!!!! 
Happy Valentines Day to everyone. 

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